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I hide it in my closet
like the monster it is.
I won't let you see the scars
because you'll pull out the stitches.
and everything will come pouring out.
I'll come pouring out
And you'll see every naked drop
for what it is
and what it isn't
until I lay open and bare in a translucent puddle.
Will you re-solidify me then?

I keep it under lock and key
like a prisoner
Please don't rattle the bars
it might just riot against me.
I might just riot against me.
and tell you what I've always wanted to tell you
But it whispers in my ear
that you'll make a run for it
And not take me with you.
At least not all of me.

I keep it behind a fence
like a dog
jaded and starved
but mindlessly forgiving.
Eager to please.
Open the door and it might run.
Open the door and I might run.
Right back to you again.

I keep it under my mattress
like an unopened letter
written in my blood
and sealed with aged tears.
It might just confess
I might just confess.
But the words are in gibberish.
It won't make sense.
I won't make sense.
Will you still try to make sense of me?

I keep it in a jewelery box
Like a present I'm afraid to give away
It's had your name on it for a while now
It wants to be yours.
I want to be yours.
But what if it has cracks?
Promise not to let it fall
Promise not to let me fall
and break.
Or worse;
I could implode,
collapse upon myself,
and fester in a pile of dismay.
My own rubble would be my grave.
Slay the monster
Torture the prisoner
Kick the dog
Burn the letter
Throw away the present
And lay me to rest.

But a hollow corpse
I have yet to be
The racing palpitations in my chest say so.
It's a work in progress for now.
This is the first edit.
Apocalypse-Aj Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009
Really like all the similes/metaphors you use and how the pace of the poem speeds up in the lead up to the last stanza. Nice work!
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October 27, 2009
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